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Hi dearies,
My name is Deborah Rise.

I did not quite see myself as beautiful, maybe because I was never for once chosen to be a little bride or flower girl when I was little or because as I grew older, all my friends were always selected to be the interhouse sport march-past Queen Or Princess and I’d never be selected even though I was quite good at the marchpast itself.

I changed my focus and I eventually realized that, contrary to what I thought I wanted, (which was was to be seen as beautiful), what I really wanted was to be unforgettable.
So I harnessed all the skills my mind could conceive. Skills that would make me unforgettable in the minds of people.
From sports, to debate, to dance, music, playing musical instruments, martial arts and so on.
Fast forward, I became 1st runner up and 3rd runner up “Nigerian Idol and Big Brother Naija reality shows respectively.

And in this quest to be unforgettable, guess what? You guessed right!

I’ve also harnessed a new super power!
The ability to be beautifully unforgettable!

I’ve found a way to win on Both ends.

And I would love to use this new superpower that I have acquired on you 😉


Deborah Rise Instant Perfection!

Yes, at D.R.I.P, we will not only give you a lovely Unforgettable Experience with Us, we will also give you a look that will be UNFORGETTABLE by your beholders.

Our watchword is Perfection and our slogan is #Drip2perfection.

We aim at giving you the most complete, satisfying, yet relaxing beauty service until you Drip To Perfection.
Please read on and see how;

The “Deborah RISE” brand has been carefully built intentionally and with integrity over the years and I will not put my brand/name on the line carelessly.

That is why, although I am naturally artsy, I trained professionally and I have been certified as a professional Makeup Artiste, Hair Expert, Gele tieing and Skin care specialist.

Deborah Rise Instant Perfection – DRIP is a multi faceted Company. It’s services spans across the health, beauty, fashion, fitness, hygiene, relaxation and entertainment world.

However, the following are the different expressions of DRIP we wish to reveal right now.

The DRIP Facials service comes by default before applying makeup to clients face.
At Drip, we care about your face with or without Makeup.
So, we do not think, it is enough to only use face Wipes to clean your face before makeup. We understand that there are stubborn debris and oils clogging your pores and adding another layer of makeup products on your face will only lead to breakouts. We handle this professionally for a more relaxed healthier and glowing skin, eyes and face. You can trust Us with your Face!

This procedure lasts for roughly 15 mins before proper make up commences.
Be aware that there are different kinds of Facial treatments and not all of them supports the immediate application of makeup.
We know what would work best for you.



While your makeup is being done, we are aware of how boring it can be to sit for minutes as your make up is done, hence, we have set up a sweet atmosphere for your body and mind in other for the experience to be a rather relaxing one.
From the cool atmosphere from our effective air conditioning system, to the Scented oils and fragrance, the music, and yes! we have every song you know playing straight from the web, and ahhh! Access to WiFi, the lighting for dope pictures and selfies, to the quality products used, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience as you get the unforgettable DRIP look…

DRIP Hairs and Gele…

During my last birthday, December 20th, I wanted a birthday shoot, can you imagine that where I fixed my hair, had my make up done and had the photoshoot where at very different locations. I was trying to save cost and mehn, I was so stressed that day!
But not anymore, now that DRIP IS HERE!
We make amazing wigs, customize frontal and lay your frontal/closure to perfection.
We will style your wigs and hairs anyhow you want it.
You can count on us.
And nothing beats the relief of having a dope Makeup artiste who is also dope at styling hair and tieing Gele.
Ahhh.. It’s such a relief!!


How else do you appreciate a good make up/look days after you’ve taken it off, if its not captured?

What is a fantastic skin, makeup and hair session without a proper picture/video?
And why go through the stress of having your make up and professional pictures done in different places?

That is draining and more cost effective.

At Our Drip Studio, we won’t only slay your face, we will help you keep the memories with professional/clean pictures.
To be unforgettable, you have to remember! and pictures/videos does just that.

We have amazing lighting and killer photo editing skills.
We are inviting you to come have your next photo shoot with us…
Let us blow your mind.


The Drip studio is intimate and private so that all our clients can enjoy a personal, beauty, photography, session with me.
Privacy is key, hence my lovely clients are required to call/book ahead before coming through.
We operate anytime between 7am to 7pm through out the week and anytime outside these time frame would attract extra cost.
I am also available to provide home services and to travel.

We shall be revealing other aspects of DRIP in the near Future.
P.S:Have you seen our “ghen ghen” trailer video?

Oya (kindly) check it out and leave your reviews.
Also see photos of some clients I’ve worked with and leave a review as well. and

Did you know that you can also chat with me via this website? What are you waiting for your Majesty? chat with Us. We are here for you.

Keep visiting this page and tell others to check this page out because we will be updating our write ups, comments and posts with silly videos and everything uncensored.
Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on all these juicy stuff.
Ah! There will be more reveals too!

Action Point


I invite you to consider getting the DRIP – The Deborah Rise Instant Perfection – for your next set of projects/events.
My passion for getting work done and the level of excellence I apply into whatever task is phenomenal.
Also bear in mind that DRIP is a complete package.
Getting the DRIP is one decision you cannot afford to not make.


I, Deborah Rise I am a vivacious soul and I add life and vigor to any project I’m involved in.
And I will definitely be a huge advantage to you!

Come and Get The Drip..